Smart Pump Management. Industry 4.0 way.

Smartpump is the shortest and most cost-effective way for pump operators & maintainers to digitalise their operations and transform them into Industy 4.0.
We help you leverage the power of IoT, Mobile Apps, AI, Augmented Reality, and Digital Asset Management in one single step.

What is SmartPump

SmartPump Mobile

Smartpump is a ready-to-use collection of IoT hardware, web-based software, mobile App and integration tools that are provided with a pay-as-you-use model.

Pump Operators & Maintainers

Pump Maintenance Operator

These tools are specifically engineered for the needs of pump operators or pump maintenance personnel to manage pumps on the field.


Reduce Service Response Times

Your service response times are greatly reduced by real-time data based decisions & prediction logic that allows you to react faster. Digital pump management tools used by your service personnel also helps you reduce the time spent per service call, further increasing your operational efficiency.

Add Value to Support Contracts

You are able to increase both the price and the number of your service contracts without any risks or initial investment. The pay-as-you-use model allows you to cover the service costs, while at the same time allowing you to have the edge on your competition.

Increase Customer Interaction

Legacy pump operators have only a billing relationship with their customers. With Smartpump, you are able to engage with your customers in a more smarter way by your own branded Mobile App, notifications, periodic reports, and collaboration functions.

Digital Twin of Your Pump

Provide to your customer life process data visualisation and product life cycle information. Increase revenue with the integrated E-commerce and after sales service functions.  


Easy customization user interface which is also considers end-user branding. Branded and designed with a custom layout for customer or end user needs

Acquire data from pumps on the field via PLC’s, OPC servers, IoT technologies and/or custom protocols

Have digital twins of your pumps. Receive all relevant data from the pumps and keep control over the entire product life cycle.

Secure storage of your pump data on cloud or premise.

Use state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology to visualize live data as well as additional information on various devices.

Image recognition, 2D/3D captures and indoor geolocation are used to identify the pumps.

Maintenance & task management  for each individual pump.

Spare part ordering functions or an automatic ordering act by the pump itself.

Generate periodic reports of Pump KPI’s from all pumps as a basis for further decisions.

Integration of the end user with Q/A Function that can be enhanced with a ChatBot for troubleshooting and support.

WIKI & News related to products provides proactive communication with the pump operators.

Receiving or sending of notifications via Email, SMS or other channels.

Document control and review workflow

Digital product data sheet

Spare part information

BIM integration and own data and CAD library

How do I start?


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Who is behind SmartPump?


Smartpump is the collaboration of two Swiss companies that specialize in the Industry 4.0 transformation. Our solution is the result of a successful collaboration to reflect our combined expertise in various fields to help Pump operators